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David Byrne’s New Concept Album: From Eno to Imelda

David Byrne's had his hands in many a cookie jar. The ex-Talking Head and Luaka Bop label founder played a building (literally), designed cheeky bike racks, and released one of 2008's best records with fellow '70s-era musical-genius-who-just-won't-quit Brian Eno. Now Byrne's got a new concept album in the works (via Stereogum via BBC).
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Rolling Stone reaches new lows with ‘Top 50 Albums’

With the new year comes not-so-new traditions: purging your closet of heinous holiday sweaters, resolving to dissolve your waistline and, if you're Rolling Stone , looking to Top 40 lists and tired-and-true troubadours to compile your list of the 50 "Best" Albums of the Year.

David Byrne @ the Warner Theatre 11/9

What is David Byrne interested in as a musician? What does he like, and what makes him cranky? There's probably no multiplatinum-selling rock frontman who's more deliberately Sphinx-like—he's usually had some complaint or other to make about consumerism, but he's more likely to soak those messages in abstraction ("Heaven") or irony ("[Nothing But] Flowers") than [...]

Byrne/Eno Single Drops, Is Hot

Seriously, it's been on repeat in the office all morning and doesn't appear to be losing steam. "Strange Overtones," they call it, and it rocks—in the offbeat, bouncily bittersweet way that you'd probably expect. It's tight but expansive, rhythmically impeccable and certainly not—whatever Byrne may sing in the chorus—"slightly out of fashion."
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