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Singer Susana Baca Talks About Her Musical Style

In 1995, David Byrne's Luaka Bop label released Afro-Peruvian Classics: The Soul of Black Peru, a compilation that begins with a song by then-lesser-known vocalist Susana Baca. Since gaining global attention, the singer has won two Latin Grammys, served as Peru’s Minister of Culture, and from 2011 to 2013 was the chair of the Inter-American Committee on [...]

Photos: David Byrne & St. Vincent @ Strathmore Music Center

David Byrne doesn't box himself in: His work with The Talking Heads was foundational to art rock and post punk; he composed music for choreographer Twyla Tharp and dance company Ultima Vez; he started Luaka Bop, a label dedicated to music from across the globe; he's made visual art; he's written books, most recently How Music Works [...]

ToDo ToDay: How David Byrne Got Here

Tonight, two Davids, Byrne and Lowery, will sit on a stage and ask each other, “Well, how did we get here?” One is, of course, the former Talking Heads frontman, and the other is the suddenly controversial dude from Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker, whose takedown of NPR intern Emily White’s piece about millennials’ reluctance [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Color-Wheeled

In the District, Aaron Thompson has made a small name for himself recording emotional, indoor-kid laptop folk, but over the last year—during which time he moved to New York City—the singer has stepped more and more outside. His strong 2010 full-length and instrumental commissions were mostly delicate and womblike, with lots of glitchy ambience gurgling [...]

Afro-Peru: Eva Ayllon and Peru Negro at George Mason Saturday

Afro-Peruvian slaves toiling in the silver mines and sugar plantations were barred access to drums, so they had to make do with what they had around them—wooden boxes called cajon and donkey jawbones.  Centuries later, singer Eva Ayllon and music and dance ensemble Peru Negro will bring those Peruvian percussion instruments and more to the [...]

Mingering Mike Presents Old-School Soul with Kings Go Forth and Sir Joe Quarterman Tonight

Three years ago, bass player, DJ, and then record store owner Andy Noble and singer and tailor Black Wolf (born Jesse Davis) decided to put together an old-school soul band to play once a month in Milwaukee. Kings Go Forth, named after a Frank Sinatra movie, ended up with 10 members, all talented players or [...]

Arts Roundup: “Children by the Million Sing for Alex Chilton” Edition

Good morning! This is the fifth post on this Web site about the death of Alex Chilton. I found out about it last night via Twitter, and an hour later, the influential Big Star leader was beginning to feel overmemorialized. Everybody wants their piece of Chilton's death.
And that, especially in this case, is OK: For [...]

David Byrne Collaborates With Fatboy Slim, Sends Me Spastic Email

Dear David Byrne,
First off, thanks for the kind Thanksgiving wishes and the unusual hyperlink to various turkey-shaped items! I thought that my access to such Web oddities would be cut off once my aunt forsook Hotmail. But no!
It's also pleasant to hear that you and Mr. Slim are back together—for months I lay awake, fearing [...]

Brazilian Forro Music Onstage and Onscreen Saturday

Washingtonians rarely get an opportunity to experience Brazilian forro music, but Saturday night they'll get two opportunities.  The Brazilian Film Festival will be featuring "The Man Who Bottled Clouds/O Homem que Engarrafava Nuvens", a documentary about Brazilian forro composer Humberto Teixeira, while National Geographic will be hosting a concert by New York City-based Brazilian ensemble [...]

Weekend Music Round-Up


X, Steve Soto & the Twisted Hearts. 9:30 club. $25. All ages.
Alex Rhoads, Midnight Ride. Bangkok Blues. Call for price.
Dean & Britta, Cheval Sombre. Black Cat. $15. All ages.
Viva Voce, Cut Off Your Hands. IOTA Club & Cafe. $15. +21.
The Kennedys. Jammin’ Java. $18.
Threat Signal w/ The Agonist, Flatline, Thy Will Be Done, Cab [...]