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Indies Drop Spotify, and Spotify Responds

For this week's dead-tree City Paper, I wrote about the anxieties many independent artists and labels feel about streaming applications like Spotify—and why, despite the insignificant royalties, they're tolerating those services.
Well, not all of them are tolerating Spotify. In an email today, David Andler of Baltimore distributor Morphius Records tells me that Philly label Exotic [...]

Kicking and Streaming: Why Indies Tolerate Spotify’s Minuscule Royalties

“Hello, this is John Maus. Please listen to my new album on Spotify.” Direct and chipper, the in-house advertisement was nevertheless an ominous thing to hear between songs this week, a few days after the Minnesota electro-pop singer created an indie-rock controversy by telling Pitchfork he’s glad so many record stores “have little ‘closed’ signs on [...]