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Arts Roundup: ‘A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Tweets’ Edition

Morning, folks!
Does anybody other than me and Kent Brockman feel this way about the World Cup? Fortunately, Magnum photos of people playing futbol are far more engrossing than the TV broadcasts. Plus, no fucking horns.
A photo is worth a thousand tweets! You know Shit My Dad Says, the Twitter feed Justin Halpern parlayed into [...]

Dave Rawlings & Co. at the 9:30 Club: The Exit Interview

In which Steve Kolowich and Ted Scheinman, who play together in a roots band of dubious authenticity, converse over e-mail.
Steve: Howdy, Ted!
Like that country vernacular? Sure, I'm a blue-blooded New Englander, born and bred. But if I learned anything from last night's excellent show at the 9:30 Club, it's that authenticity is as authenticity does. [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Punctuated Consistency’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*À propos of EVERYTHING, here's Anthony Burgess on the Beatles, the Youth, and the dangers of trusting "pop prophets." (Keep an eye out for Zappa in the last frame):
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*The New York Times asks, and Christopher Hitchens responds to, questions about 1) memoir vs. [...]