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Arts Roundup: Pipe Down, Grandpa! Edition

Old people be talkin' during movies. In a crazy ironic twist, they're also the first to shush you in the library. John Kelly should write a column about that, too. [Post]
This forthcoming animal art in Capitol Hill had better be damn cute. [DCist]
Billy Joel is overwhelmed by the Kennedy Center Honors. Overwhelmed! [Los Angeles Times]
Let D.C. [...]

Arts Roundup: Punching Dudes Edition

Myopic Twits Redux: As we have already mentioned here on Arts Desk, hullabaloo broke out on Twitter following a somewhat misguided Washington Post editorial decision on Tuesday. Former Washington City Paper reporter Jason Cherkis assailed Dan Zak's poetic Style section piece about the Guardian Angels, at one point tweeting, "Where's Henry Allen? Y'all could have [...]

Mourning the Other Dave McKenna

That's right—the other Dave McKenna.
For years, whether in print or on the web, adoring City Paper readers have hearkened to the mellifluous prose of D.C.'s Dave McKenna—his rhapsodic treatment of Pop Warner football, his scherzo-like political musings, his epic riffs on the Dan Synder perplex.
Turns out he's not the only D. Mac around.
On Saturday, [...]