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ToDo ToDay: Laurie Anderson! Free Ice Cream!

Laurie Anderson tells great stories. Yeah, she’s also a musician, inventor, performance artist, sculptor, and painter, but strange narratives remain central to her work. Her new composition, Scenes From My New Novel, is filled with sonic bon mots: A collaboration with the venerable experimental ensemble Kronos Quartet, the work focuses on text that got turned into [...]

Q&A with Stop the Presses Director Manny Mendoza

Airing on WETA tonight is Stop the Presses, Manny Mendoza and Mark Birnbaum's documentary on the sinking ship that is the newspaper industry. At once informative, gripping, entertaining, and depressing, the film includes commentary from a variety of journalism giants, including Ben Bradlee, Dave Barry, and David Carr, current New York Times media columnist and [...]