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ToDo ToDay: Sharon Van Etten, Painted Palms, and a New Farmer’s Market

Vulnerability can be a tricky thing for a singer to manage; there’s always a risk of sounding too cloying, as if on the verge of emotional collapse. New Jersey’s Sharon Van Etten sounds vulnerable, but her voice comes with an air of defiance. Her most recent album, Are We There, is more ambitious in its lyrical [...]

Virgin Mobile FreeFest: D.C.’s Signature Fall Social, Believe It or Not

As the sun set on Virgin Mobile FreeFest Saturday, Merriweather Post Pavilion’s panoramic lawn harbored buzz-fed patrons enjoying chicken strips and those lemonade cups that exist to be spiked with clear spirits. Seven p.m. felt like a universally agreed-upon time to chill.
Legacy-act sets are perfect for clapping politely from your camping chair, but ZZ Top [...]

Virgin Mobile FreeFest: We’re Covering It

The Virgin Mobile FreeFest is like that time you bought a Groupon for Virginia wine-country tasting. Your clique lacks cohesion because it consists of people that back-doored into the deal or have a tenuous connection to the driver. There's goat cheese, wine slushies, and Ben Folds Five.
When you finally get there, you might find that [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 20

In case you were wondering, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is eternal, and therefore it cannot retire. So in 2021, when you're reflecting on the excellently formative things of your mental youth, Far Out vs. Hot Dang will not be among them, because it will not have gone away. We'll be there in the Thunderdome, [...]

Arts Roundup: Sticky Edition

If you've ever wondered what it's like to fill your mouth with maraschino cherries and corn syrup while bathing yourself in Cool Whip for the sake of avant-garde photography, you're in luck. TBD's Maura Judkis recounted her experiences modeling as such for the photographer Victoria F. Gaitán, who lit up Fotoweek with her series of [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: We Are the World Edition

After spending a few weeks down south, I returned to D.C. reminded of how much this city constantly has to offer.  So after quite literally returning from the backwoods to write this weeks' roundup, I felt like I was setting up booths at some high school multi-culti "We Are the World-inspired festival. Granted, not my [...]

Arts Roundup: Fair Use Cheeseburgers Edition

Good morning, D.C.! I arrived home from a weeklong vacation last night and am not feeling this unpleasantly gray morning, but I've scanned my Google Reader for you nonetheless. Let's get to it.
Click Track reviews B.B. King's performance at the Birchmere on Saturday night; the blues legend is supposedly still touring because "his young great-granddaughter [...]

Tonight in Rap: Brother Ali at Otto Bar

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Last week, while Sasha Frere-Jones and the rap duo Das Racist debated whether Jay-Z’s new album is evidence that hip-hop is dead, and if so, whether it’s OK for a white guy like Frere-Jones to make that call, Minnesota’s Brother Ali was proving, one [...]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Arts Desk: The DMV, Ann Powers, Twilight, and…Creed

Area Code: The term “DMV,” brought to you by the hard work of local rappers. And phone cards.
Post Profile Brings Up Touchy Subject: What Claim Do Writers Have on Their Bylines?
Meet New Moon Cast Members at Fair Oaks Mall
Das Racist Goes After Sasha Frere-Jones For Being White ‘N’ Educated
Creed Was Never Underrated

Das Racist Goes After Sasha Frere-Jones For Being White ‘N’ Educated

This is surreal: Das Racist are sorta-kinda-but-not-really calling Sasha Frere-Jones a racist for saying what's what about the death of rap.
Here's Victor Vazquez, one half of Das Racist, taking SFJ to task:

SFJ is savvy enough to know that before pulling a “white man speaks authoritatively on black culture” move, he needs to first establish an acceptable [...]