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International Ink: Summer Reading

It's been a long time since one of these columns appeared, so here's a bunch of capsule reviews of books that have been piling up.
Crogan's Loyalty by Chris Schweizer (Oni Press, $15) is the third volume in a multigenerational adventure series. Brothers William and Charles Crogan find themselves on opposite sides during the American Revolution. [...]

International Ink: Think Holiday Thoughts

Many comic art books released this fall are, naturally, suitable as gifts...whether that's for someone else or yourself is up to you. Here's a few that may be of interest.
How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less (Vertigo, $24.99) is American Jew Sarah Glidden's travelogue about her "Birthright Israel" tour of the country. Religiously [...]

The Quotable Darwyn Cooke: Highlights from the Cartoonist’s Talk at American Art

Sure, the crowd was thin due to the snow. But the air was thick with nuggets: Darwyn Cooke spoke for almost two hours to a rapt crowd of about 40 people at the Smithsonian's American Art Museum Saturday, concentrating on his recent adaptation of Richard Stark's novel Parker: The Hunter and offering a glimpse into [...]

Darwyn Cooke to Speak at Smithsonian Saturday

Cartoonist Darwyn Cooke will speak at the American Art Museum this Saturday about his adaptation of The Hunter,  Donald "Richard Stark" Westlake's first book in the "Parker" series.
The series follows an amoral criminal for whom murder is frequently the easiest solution to his problems, and yet both Westlake and Cooke skillfully make his story impossible [...]