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Hop, Hop, and Step, Step: Doing the Chocolate City Shuffle

"Let’s hop, hop and step, step to the front three times and dip, dip." That's how vocalists of the Chocolate City Band tell us to do the band's new signature dance, the Chocolate City Shuffle. Starting with a funky keyboard and bass line, the song soon gives way to traditional go-go percussion. This is a [...]

DMV Beats: Election Night Lean

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Tweet Streets
DMV artists tweeted overwhelming support for President Barack Obama Tuesday afternoon: Fat Trel was hilarious. Black Cobain was indignant at the wait. Local native, writer, and Board Administration publicist Angela Byrd surveyed the scene at her polling station: "Mitt don't [...]

Darren Harper: Still Leadership Material

Has it really been more than four years since we've written anything about Darren Harper? The man who labels himself as "the Official Skateboarder of Washington, D.C." and "Southeast D.C.'s Own First Black President Skater" has done some rapping in the meantime, and it's possible that he's got some actual skate-career moves to make in [...]