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Weekend Music Roundup: Salt-N-Pepa and Anvil Edition


Salt-N-Pepa. DAR Constitution Hall. $41.50-$70.

Bellmer Dolls, Monozid, Bootblacks, We Fought The Big One (DJs). The Red & The Black. $8. 21+.

Tom McBride and the Whig Party. IOTA Club & Cafe. $10.

Perpetual Groove, Future, Poor Man's Lobster. 9:30 Club. $14.

Junior League Band, The David Wax Museum, Lightfoot. Rock and Roll Hotel. $10 in advance, $12 at [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Al Green, Suckers, the Very Best, and More


Al Green. DAR Constitution Hall. $70.

Balkan Beat Box, Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew. 9:30 Club. $20.

Mambo Sauce. Strathmore. $10 in advance, $12 at door.

Greg Brown, Justin Wilber. Wolf Trap. $30.

The American Space Cadets, American Speedway, Sin 4 Sin. The Red & The Black. $8. 21+.

Matthew Ryan, Garrison Starr. IOTA Club & Cafe. $15.

RAMZY, The [...]

Al Green at DAR Constitution Hall: Canceled

For most art institutions in D.C., it's back to business as usual today. But if you were hoping to ignite your Valentine's weekend with some sweet, sensual soul—as we suggested you do—you're out of luck: Al Green has canceled his two-night stand at DAR Constitution Hall. He'll make up the shows on March 12 and [...]

Van Morrison at DAR Constitution Hall ~ The Concert and the Interview

Van Morrison's gift was the ability to cop a religious experience from the little stuff—the shade of a redwood tree; Jackie Wilson on a staticky radio; a glass of water. Oh, and women—not for nothing was his first hit (with Irish rockers Them) an elision: Gloria, the chick, and gloria, the great hosanna.
That spiritual suggestibility [...]

Sugalumps & Epileptic Dogs:
Flight of the Conchords’ Top 10 Songs from the 2009 Season

The Flight of the Conchords can barely make ends meet. It must be hard to make rent when your genre’s as obscure as “obscure guitar-based digi-bongo a cappella-rap-funk-comedy-folk” (apparently so popular in New Zealand that FOTC is only fourth best at it there). It certainly doesn’t help when your dimwit of a band manager—Murray Hewitt—refuses [...]

Last Week: Raphael Saadiq, John Legend, and Dr. John

Saadiq/Legend at DAR Constitution Hall; Dr. John and the Lower 911 at Blues Alley
Raphael Saadiq and Dr. John are both on tour at present, peddling different brands of regressively delightful music to packed, loyal audiences. The Doctor (Mac Rebennack, to get technical) and Saadiq (né Wiggins) wear their influences on their sleeves and dress [...]