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Arts Roundup: Higgs Boss Edition

Buy this art by Lungfish frontman Daniel Higgs. [James Fuentes gallery, via Dischord]
Read our Mike Daisey cover story. Then, the Post has some more. [Post]
Mark Jenkins interviews curators of the National Gallery of Art's "In the Tower: Barnett Newman" and the Corcoran's "Richard Diebenkorn: The OCean Park Series." [Express]
Various guides to the Capital Fringe Festival. Read [...]

Lungfish May or May Not Be Infinite

In promoting A.C.R. 1999, a new release of some long-shelved Lungfish recordings, the folks at Dischord say the following: "The band is renowned for intense creative productivity, releasing albums annually from the years 1992–2000. But what is not generally known is that volumes of Lungfish material never saw the light of day." That's right, y'all, [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Eschenbach Era Begins, and Our Critics Find Various Reasons to Be Confused

Mike Paarlberg leads of the arts section with a look at the National Symphony Orchestra's new music director Christoph Eschenbach—whose last gig in Philadelphia ended amid accusations that he couldn't work well with musicians. Still, for an orchestra whose prestige ranks somewhere below Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, Eschenbach is a nice get for the NSO. But, Paarlberg reports, [...]