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International Ink: Gift Ideas for Comics Nerds (Part 1 of 2)

In which we take a look at a great big pile of review copies of comic books, cartoons, and graphic novels.

Somehow with the turn of the millennium, a weird cartoon switcheroo  occurred, and alternative cartoonists became more mainstream than mainstream cartoonists. Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, and Adrian Tomine are regulars in the New Yorker. [...]

How to Spend Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day has taken place the first Saturday of May since 2002, which is May 7 this year, the day after Marvel Comics' Thor movie opens. For some strange reason,  FCBD has not been declared a national holiday yet, but a family barbecue after a visit to your local store might be appropriate. [...]

“Likable Characters Are for Weak-Minded Narcissists”: A Chat with Daniel Clowes

Ace alternative cartoonist Daniel Clowes will be in DC next Monday for a rare appearance to do a Q&A about his new graphic novel, Wilson. Wilson continues Clowes' unflinching creation of unpleasant people and is the first book he didn't serialize in comic books first. The book follows Wilson through his adult life including the [...]

International Ink: Clowes, Kids, Crackers and Hellboy

Maybe Dan Clowes is experimenting on his readers. In Wilson (Drawn & Quarterly, $21.95), his new book from the Canadian publisher, he uses a tightly designed approach to tell the story of an extremely unlikable protagonist. Perhaps he was curious how far he could push two of the defining features of his work? The book [...]