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Connections Onstage and Off: PearsonWidrig at Dance Place This Weekend

Imagine: You’re an artist, and your medium is movement. So when you meet up with people you care about, how do you reconnect? Not by getting dinner or chitchatting, but by dancing together and seeing what happens.
That’s how it was with Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig, artistic directors of PearsonWidrig Dancetheater, when they reunited with [...]

Troupe Movements: Has D.C.’s Dance Scene Given Up on Fringe?

If winning a “best of” award at the Capital Fringe Festival were really important to a performing artist, the category to enter this year was dance. In what should have been an even-odds contest, DC Aerial Collective’s UPHeaval ended up tying with an all-female modern dance show called SHE.
Those were the only entrants.
Dance participation in the [...]

Work in Progress: What’s Wrong With D.C.’s Modern Dance Scene?

On paper, Contradiction Dance’s March appearance at The Phillips Collection had the makings of a great performance. Museums can be intriguing places to see modern dance, and this suite of pieces was inspired by the work of David Smith, an important abstract expressionist sculptor whose creations were on exhibit there. Plus, Contradiction is led by Kelly [...]

A Meeting with a Stranger: Saturday Night at Dance Place

The last time Wally Cardona was in town, he and dancer Rahel Vonmoos gave a sophisticated performance in a transformed Dance Place that was accompanied by a discourse on Soren Kierkegaard’s philosophy. But although the setting and sound were slightly unorthodox, the elegant, graceful movements by both performers were pure dance.
The Brooklyn-based dancer-choreographer is back [...]

Fed Up: Why Cuts to National Capital Arts Grants Are Disastrous for Small D.C. Arts Groups

When the House Appropriations Committee published the list of federal program cuts in the continuing budget resolution that averted a government shutdown earlier this month, one small cut sent a shockwave across Washington. You probably read about it.
Another got less attention.
The bill keeping the federal government open through the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year [...]

Budget Resolution Will Force Local Arts Organizations to Rethink Finances

In a sweeping list of domestic spending cuts announced this morning by the House Appropriations Committee, four arts-related programs will be reduced in the continuing resolution Congress and the White House negotiated last week to avert a government shutdown. The National Gallery of Art will take an $8 $8.5 million hit to its upkeep and [...]

It’s All About the Process: Headlong Dance Theater, on Film Tonight and Live This Weekend

Talk to choreographers about their work and the conversation will almost inevitably come around to “process.” To an outsider, that might sound about as interesting as investigating the artist’s bathroom habits, but modern dance, more than most other art forms, is all about the creative process. Maybe that’s because really good modern dance pieces have [...]

Past and Present Represented in Movement at Dance Place This Weekend

In a dance scene that’s characterized by a lot of mediocrity, Ed Tyler stood out in Washington. He’d lived in New York for years and had a creative vision for his choreography that was, simply put, far more sophisticated than that of just about anyone else in the area. Gradually, he developed a team of [...]

D.C.’s Dance Ladder on Display This Weekend

Every arts scene needs a ladder.
No matter how small it is, a community of aspiring creators and performers can’t develop unless there’s a variety of local venues that welcome new work by folks at different places in their careers, whether they’re amateurs, professionals, or folks at the murky in-between stage.
It’s easy to malign D.C.’s small, [...]

Clip Jobs: How Choreographers in D.C. Use, Misuse, and Overuse Video

It’s a November evening at Dance Place in Brookland, and a crowd has packed the theater to see some good modern dance. Certainly, it’s in for some: The program’s relentlessly innovative performer—dancer, choreographer, and George Washington University professor Maida Withers—is, at 74, D.C.’s grand dame of dance. And for the first half of the program [...]