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Reissues Prove Edsel Was Actually Relevant

Next week Universal will reissue Nirvana's Nevermind to celebrate the album's 20th anniversary, which will put a nice cherry on top of the grunge-nostalgia sundae folks seem so eager to devour lately. But as anyone who lived in Seattle in the late '80s and early '90s—or anyone who spent a couple hours Googling bands after [...]

This Weekend: More Positive Force Events than You Can Shake a Frayed Copy of Dance of Days At

"This weekend will be one of the busiest weekends in Positive Force history," says Mark Andersen, the co-founder of the punk-rock activist group which this year turns 25.
No kidding. Tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Affinity Lab in Adams Morgan, Anderson is showing classic D.C.-punk footage he collected while writing the book Dance of Days. And [...]

DC Punk 2008 Part 1: Mark Andersen

We asked several local harDCore figures to weigh in on the state of the arts in 2008; punk rock or otherwise. First in a series of 6 articles, Dance of Days author Mark Andersen recounts his favorite shows of 2008:

In 2008, the ghosts of DC’s punk past were out in full force: Dave Grohl [...]