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ToDo ToDay: Marisha Pessl, 1,000 Andys, Dan Savage, and Ira Glass

Marisha Pessl wasn’t meant to be an office worker. In fact, while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers after college, she started drafting her debut novel, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, which earned popular and critical acclaim when it was released in 2006. Seven years later, she’s returned with an even darker pulp mystery, Night Film. Read more >>> Marisha Pessl reads [...]

ToDo ToDay: Sublime Frequencies, Egg Creams, and “Consensual Sext”

For a record label, Sublime Frequencies’ crate-digging is extreme in its far-reaching trippiness. Since 2003, label cofounders Hisham Mayet and Alan Bishop have collected rare records and made field recordings around the world, then released them in limited editions. But the label doesn’t just offer music. Sublime Frequencies’ folk cinema has captured song and dance [...]

Dancing on Their Own

Outside of Sidney Harman Hall last Thursday evening, Keira Hart Mendoza’s company UpRooted Dance was releasing balloons into the sky.
Titled “What Goes Up Must Come Down,” her piece transformed the sidewalk into a windswept stage, while dancers with balloons clipped to their bodies and hair floated into the Harman’s foyer. It was a delightful, thoughtful exploration [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Ascent of Women, the Death of Mountains

Hey high-achieving ladies, want to feel even better about yourselves and your future? How about a book-length explanation of why professional success won’t tank your chances of landing a man—if you even want one? In her book The Richer Sex, Washington Post reporter Liza Mundy has rounded up the research, concluding that the tidal wave [...]

Arts Roundup: I Can’t Get No Edition

Elizabeth Catlett, influential D.C.-born sculptor and artistic product of the Harlem Renaissance, has died. [Post]
The Howard Theatre has changed, and so has the neighborhood. [Post]
Dance Exchange heads for Appalachians. For a new project, "How to Lose a Mountain," the company is walking to a strip-mining site in West Virginia, staging programs along the way. [DanceDC, Pink [...]

More Than Yoga: Dance Exchange’s New Ways to Connect Mind and Body

If you hear the phrase “mind-body connection,” what comes to mind? Most likely, yoga. After all, the practice of holding standing and seated poses has been the first and last word on the mainstream movement scene for almost a decade now.
But in fact, there’s a range of activities from all over the world that are [...]

Dance This Weekend: Robin Becker Dance and Beyond

A quick look at a few interesting dance events going on this weekend:
Tonight and tomorrow night, Georgetown University continues to wade into the dance field with an intriguing work called "Into Sunlight." Performed by 16 dancers from the New York-based Robin Becker Dance company, the piece was inspired by Washington Post associate editor David Maraniss’ [...]

Memorable Dance Performances of 2011

A psychology-major roommate told me once that a hallmark of the human brain is its proclivity for categorization. Well, count me in. In ruminating about this year’s memorable dance performances, I found myself subconsciously dividing them into three groups.
These are the shows that vibrated with energy and left audience members practically sweating with a visceral [...]

Love Her or Hate Her, the Sugarplum Fairy Inevitably Returns

For dance lovers, parsing the various versions of The Nutcracker on offer during the holiday season has become something of a high art. Year after year, the production inevitably returns, providing audiences with the equivalent of Christmas-themed comfort food and dance companies with revenues to sustain them for the other 11 months.
When you were a [...]

Choreographer Liz Lerman Wins $50,000 Grant

Amazingly, more laurels are being piled at the feet of choreographer Liz Lerman. Yesterday, United States Artists, a relatively new foundation, announced this year’s recipients of its annual grants of $50,000 each. Lerman was one of the 50 winners, together a wide variety of artists that included choreographers Donald Byrd and John Jasperse.
Lerman, who founded [...]