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Deleted Scenes’ Merch Seized at Canadian Border

Monday afternoon, D.C. band Deleted Scenes was on its way from Harrisburg, Pa., to play a gig in Montreal. But, like generations of indie groups before them, the band ran into major problems at the Canadian border.
Officials seized 47 records, 88 CDs, and about 50 t-shirts, amounting to roughly $1600 in merchandise. The band posted [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Getting Out of the Doghouse

What did you do this time? Did you forget the anniversary of your first jointly filed tax return? Did you get drunk and say something wildly inappropriate about your girlfriend's perennially unemployed uncle? Did you throw away your husband's favorite Judas Priest T-shirt—you know, the one from that kick-ass "Mercenaries of Metal" tour in '88? It happens. [...]

The Sleigher: Deleted Scenes’ “Get Your Shit Together for the Holidays”

What it is: In an e-mail suggesting the Sleigher consider this song from the Brooklyn/D.C. band's upcoming album Birdseed Shirt, Deleted Scenes' Dan Scheuerman describes it as "sort of a quarter-life Christmas carol about being strung out and trying to get it together enough to spend some time with your family." Sure, but even if [...]