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Dan Savage’s Amateur Porn Festival Heads to Woolly Mammoth

“A man, a plan, a butt plug.”
Such reads the description of one of 18 amateur porn films coming to the Woolly Mammoth Theatre next week as part of the HUMP! Tour. The tour comes from the mind of relationship and sex columnist Dan Savage and will bring homemade dirty short films to at least 30 [...]

ToDo ToDay: Marisha Pessl, 1,000 Andys, Dan Savage, and Ira Glass

Marisha Pessl wasn’t meant to be an office worker. In fact, while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers after college, she started drafting her debut novel, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, which earned popular and critical acclaim when it was released in 2006. Seven years later, she’s returned with an even darker pulp mystery, Night Film. Read more >>> Marisha Pessl reads [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.

1. Full Upright and Locked Position: Not-So-Comfortable Truths about Air Travel Today, by Mark Gerchick
I really wish the former FAA dude who wrote this book had been next to me on those sad days when I've flown in and out of Newark Airport.
2. The [...]

Arts Roundup: Crowdfunding and Famous People Edition

National Theatre gets its own Broadway series—a big move for the long-struggling theater, now under new management. [Post]
Capital Fringe shows increasingly rely on crowdfunding... [Washington Business Journal]
...and the Smithsonian launches its first major crowdfunding campaign—for the forthcoming yoga exhibit at Freer/Sackler—today. [Freer/Sackler]
Kelly Rowland breaks down at last weekend's Fillmore show. [Post]
At Savoy Elementary School, Michelle Obama [...]

Arts Roundup: Buzz Lightyear Edition

Buzz Lightyear to the National Air and Space Museum. [Post]
The Commission on the Arts and Humanities announces its Arts Impact grants, and there are some surprises. [DCist]
Savage U, Dan Savage's new college-geared sex advice show, premieres tonight. The first episode is taped at the University of Maryland, where students supposedly screw each other in the [...]