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Photos: All Songs Considered’s Sweet 16 Celebration at the 9:30 Club

A night to remember.

Drake and the Strokes Will Headline a Two-Day Music Festival in D.C. This Fall

Quick! Passes for the Landmark Music Festival start at $100.

A New Track From Matmos Before This Weekend’s Alt-as-Hell Fields Festival

Any search for the most alt-as-hell music festival probably has to start in Europe, unless you consider the Gathering of the Juggalos to be some sort of 'Merican trump card. Juggalos, by nature, can only trump themselves, so let's not go there. Instead let's go to Fields, the one-word gathering on Aug. 22-24 that bills [...]

Listen: Bop Alloy’s “Save the Day” Makes Vogue Playlist

To commemorate the opening of The Dark Knight Rises, Vogue magazine compiled a 14-song "Save the Day" playlist to honor the caped crusader and other movie superheroes.
On a playlist that includes R.E.M.'s "Superman," Foo Fighters' "My Hero," and Rolling Stones' "Poison Ivy," there's a jarring stand-out: "Save the Day" by Bop Alloy, the jazzy hip-hop duo of [...]

Arts Roundup: D.C. Elite Edition

Good morning, D.C. elite! Yesterday, POLITICO failed to acknowledge that D.C. is a real place with, you know, real unemployment problems, and made the sweeping generalization that people are getting that money with no trouble around here. Since that’s clearly not true, let’s reclaim their totally absurd “D.C. elite” label for ourselves, why don’t we?
Missed [...]

Romantic Post-Wave and the Tom Waits School of Voice: A Chat with Future Islands

"I really unabashedly am a bad singer," says Sam Herring of Baltimore's once rough-and-ragged—and now disarmingly introspective and motivic—Future Islands. He quickly qualifies the statement: "I don’t think I’m a bad singer, but I don’t consider myself a singer. I consider myself a performer who can sing a bit and does sing."
On the trio's upcoming [...]

End-Of-The-Week Music News, Free Stuff Edition

Perhaps you've heard there's a lot of free shit going down this weekend. If you haven't, well, there's a lot of free shit going down this weekend. Most of it revolves around the Kia Soul Collective tour, which has set up shop in a warehouse at 3330 New York Ave. NE, with free parking [...]

Whartscape 2009: Free Kick-Off Show Friday

The mid Atlantic ain't exactly synonymous with kick-ass music festivals, but Baltimore's renegade art/music collective Wham City (most famous member: Dan Deacon) might be changing that. This Friday kicks off the fourth annual Whartscape, a three-day, weekend-long sonic smorgasbord of B-more's best and brightest bands, and their friends from the rest of the States and [...]

Sunday Night: Dan Deacon at the 9:30 Club

Setting up shop on stage Monday night behind a neon tape-covered table of gadgetry and next to his ubiquitous sidekick, a glowing green skull raised like an effigy atop a metal pole, Dan Deacon stepped into a non-traditional frontman's role. Not content with simply running through a set of his loopy, structurally complicated but always [...]

Updated: Weekend Music Round-Up


Dan Deacon & Ensemble, Future Islands, Teeth Mountain. 9:30 club. $12. All ages.
The Dig, All The Kings. The Red & The Black. $6. +21.
MC Chris, Whole Wheat Bread. DC9. $14. +18.
Ben Lee, Low vs Diamond, Dawes. Rock and Roll Hotel. $16. All ages.
NSO plays Mozart. Kennedy Center. $20-$80. All ages.
German Academic All-Star Jazz Ensemble. Kennedy [...]