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ToDo ToDay: Destroyer, Kate Nash, and Yo Gotti

A year after the release of Kaputt, Destroyer's Dan Bejar was feeling, well, kaput. “Once you break with rock music, the kind of music I listened to for so long, it’s hard to find your feet again,” Bejar told Washington City Paper in 2012. Wherever the Vancouver songwriter lands, at least he’s finding rewards in the ether. Five Spanish [...]

“Once You Break With Rock Music, It’s Hard to Find Your Feet Again”: A Chat With Destroyer’s Dan Bejar

In case you're wondering, Dan Bejar, the singer, is aware of Dan Bejar, the artist, who impersonates Dan Bejar, the singer, and posts the photos on the Internet. "I've never met him, so I don't know what to think," said Bejar, the singer, in a phone interview a few weeks ago. "It's kind of a funny project. I'm [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘I Am Sick of Arts Roundup’s Fat Fucking Face’ Edition

Next month's Done&Done Festival has a lineup, the organizers announced. The two-weekend event, which will "celebrate the continuing ascent of NY and DC’s underground music scenes," includes six D.C. bands (Exactly, Last Tide, Laughing Man, Loose Lips, Ra Ra Rasputin, and Rosy Likes Red) and six from New York, including one D.C. ex-pat, Byrds of [...]

Arts Roundup: Weird Olympic Torches Edition

Hello! I'm glad I have DVR! Because it took me three days to soldier through the Olympics' opening ceremony. It was OK; glad Donald Sutherland was on board! Sadly absent: My favorite Vancouverite, Dan Bejar. For kicks, here's what the Destroyer singer had to say about the Vancouver games in 2008:
Well, it tends to change [...]

Stay Weird, Bejar: Destroyer @ Black Cat

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