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Arts Roundup: Funky Edition

Kathleen Turner coming to Arena Stage [Post]
Shakespeare Theatre director Michael Kahn talks failure and how he came to love the ol' Bard [Washingtonian]
Local DJ Jerome Baker III remixes Dam-Funk [Soundcloud]
Scion A/V releases its own Moombahton comp [Nouveau Riche]
Steve Jobs patents to be displayed at the S. Dillon Ripley Center [Post]
WaPo's staff is reportedly suffering from [...]

[South x Southwest] – [Your Dollars] = The Week in Free Shit

in which our man in Austin runs down the best ways to enjoy this week's South by Southwest festival without spending a dime
For your reference: I live about five miles north of 6th and Red River. That’s South by Southwest ground zero. Up here, it’s all peaceful—birds, parking, lack of vomit in the street. [...]

Morning Arts Roundup

-The New York Times reviews the HBO miniseries The Pacific. They like it. Salon, on the other hand, liked Terrance Malick's take better.
-Since he's legally forbidden to perform comedy on television, Conan O'Brien is hitting the road this spring. He'll be in D.C. at Constitution Hall on June 8th.
-The Washington Post's Dave [...]

Festival Watch: Jersey Shore and Ultra Music, MusicNOW, Pitchfork

Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival 2010: So we here at Festival Watch have spent some time watching Jersey Shore. And while we realize that it is sort of a pop-culture phenomenon and this kind of excuses the fact that we invested a portion of our evening trying to digest that particular mess, we’re [...]

Music in Review: Records I Liked, But Really, Anything Was Better than That Girls Album

Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion
I'm pretty sure I tried to call Merriweather Post Pavilion "Record of the year" back in January, when I reviewed it, but City Paper managing editor Andrew Beaujon argued that this statement might be a tad premature, given that '09 still had 11 months left to go. But here we are in [...]

Leak Proof: Elvis Costello, Lindstrom + Prins Thomas, Animal Collective, The Dead Weather

Elvis Costello: "The Crooked Line"
It's hard to tell what's more shocking here: the twangy vibe, or the fact that Elvis Costello is singing about love without sounding poisonous and bitter. "The Crooked Line," snatched from his upcoming record Secret, Profane, & Sucarcane, finds Costello going full-on country for the first time since King of America [...]

Q&A: Dam Funk

If funk music has a Zen guru, it's probably Dam Funk. For the Los Angeles-based producer/DJ, funk isn't just a style of music, it's a higher state of being. It's an inspirational and quasi-spiritual pursuit that one might practice in order to achieve perfect harmony with the past, present, and future. Dam Funk's answering machine [...]