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Arts Roundup: Pop the Corc Edition

It has come to this: The Corcoran to be dismantled, split up between National Gallery of Art and George Washington University. [Arts Desk, Post, New York Times]
A timeline of the Corcoran's woes [Post]
Tyler Green analyzes the Corc meltdown, saying it's been in the tea leaves since 2008. (Though some would argue it's been longer than [...]

Joke’s On You: To Curb Allegations of Joke Stealing, D.C. Comics Get Creative

It’s a chilly evening in October, and a band of stand-up comics, clowns, improvisers, and freelance writers has crowded into 14th Street NW eatery Restaurant Judy for a meeting of the D.C. Comedy Writers group. They’ve come here to write, riff, and workshop ideas for material. But mostly, they’re here to suck.
The group offers something [...]

Arts Roundup: What is the What Edition

Good morning, D.C.! I know it's a bit early to ask you to think about this evening's plans, but if you're so inclined, the 2010 Drag Queen Race will dash around Dupont in high heels tonight. If that's too cute for you, Washington Walks has nightly haunted house tours running through Halloween.
The Museum of Unnatural History, after [...]

Daily Show Will Film in D.C. in October

Jon Stewart & Co. will take over the Shakespeare Theatre Co.'s Sidney Harmon Hall from Oct. 25-28. It's all, obviously, part of the Comedy Central show's Indecision 2010 coverage, and the four tapings will be grouped under the very ceremonious title of "When Grizzlies Attack: The Daily Show Midterm Teapartyganza." The shows will air each [...]

BriTunes: Why Brian Williams’s Music Experiment Won’t Work

In the last half of the 20th Century, the national television news anchor played a deific role in American life: benevolent, yet possessing of an aloof omniscience that suggested divinity (and, by implication, infallibility). Behind the heroically concerned brow and dispassionate baritone there seemed to lie a great wisdom: unrevealed, and therefore perfect–the archetype being [...]