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Photos: Salad Days Party @ Black Cat

Scott Crawford is no stranger to the D.C. punk scene. Thanks to a friend's sister, Crawford discovered the D.C. punk bands Scream and Government Issue when he was 12. "The first show I ever went to left me wanting more," he says. "I knew even then that I'd found my tribe."
Nearly 30 years later, Crawford is [...]

Dag Nasty Plans Reunion to Coincide with Salad Days Event

Dag Nasty, the melodic hardcore band from D.C. credited with (or accused of) paving the way for emocore, is planning to reunite for one magical evening at the Black Cat Dec. 28.
The reunion will include original members Shawn Brown, Brian Baker, Roger Marbury, and Colin Sears, the lineup that wrote much of Dag Nasty's well-loved debut [...]

Does D.C. Need Another Punk-Rock Documentary? Maybe.

No genre of music gets the documentary treatment more than punk rock. The seminal film Instrument followed Fugazi around for five years. This year's Bad Brains: A Band in D.C., which screened at the SilverDocs festival, did the same for HR and the rest of the guys. American Hardcore was more like a survey of punk, visiting different scenes [...]

Arts Roundup: This Is for Not Taking Me to the Mount Eerie Show! Edition

Good morning! Check back later in the roundup for the heavy stuff. Here's some local music endorsements:

Carolyn Malachi, subject of this week's One Track Mind, isn't the only artist I can think of who combines forward-thinking soul with an apparent love for cyberpunk (or at least sci-fi). I don't know if she's the next Janelle Monae, [...]

Jennifer Gilmore, Interviewed

Not many novelists reviewed in the New York Times are writing about Bad Brains shows in Washington, D.C., circa 1979. But Jennifer Gilmore, with her new novel Something Red, has somehow written a popular work of fiction in which H.R. is a minor player. We asked Gilmore, who's in town this week for several readings, [...]

The Advancement of Dave Smalley

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The tenets of the Advanced Theory are clear. The genius of Advanced artists has evolved past the point of ordinary people's understanding. Advanced artists wear sunglasses indoors. They favor leather jackets. They insist on putting their pictures on the covers of their albums. And [...]

DC Punk 2008 Part 4: Dave Smalley

Fourth in a series of 6, Dag Nasty's Dave Smalley presents: "Top 9 Things That Rocked in 2008"
9. Bill Harris artwork in Fredericksburg
Harris is a painter who does stunning, often subtly dark works in lovely little Fredericksburg. He’s a talented artist who creates beautiful still lifes, yet does some understated, twisted works as well. He’s [...]