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It Was 50 Years Ago Today

Fifty years ago today, The Beatles played their first U.S. concert on a glorified boxing-ring stage at the Washington Coliseum at 3rd and M streets NE. For the band, it was a first taste of a live American audience (and American politics—the day after, President Lyndon B. Johnson reportedly told British Prime Minister Sir Alec [...]

ToDo ToDay: Natalia Lafourcade, Edgar & Annabel, and Craft Beer

Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade offers more than just the light, pretty timbre of her voice. She’s a talented multi-instrumentalist who, at age 29, has already performed in a teen pop trio, recorded an all-instrumental album, and won three Latin Grammys. On Lafourcade’s latest effort, Mujer Divina-Homenaje a Agustin Lara, she pays tribute to the Mexican balladeer [...]

ToDo ToDay: American Landscapes and the History of Fort Reno

The open road is so quintessentially American that it verges on cliché. The Smithsonian American Art Museum exhibit “Landscapes In Passing” follows this well-traveled route. The most engaging images come from Steve Fitch, in part because they’re carefully thought out rather than happenstance. The exhibit includes a few too many of Fitch’s images of a [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Beautiful Despair

Being called twee is kind of like being called a hipster: You never self-identify that way. In interviews, the members of London’s Veronica Falls frequently bristle at being lumped in with the cuddly indie-pop sound, and you can hear why. There may be jangly guitars and delicate boy-girl vocals throughout the band’s excellent debut on [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Get Neophonic

Controversy continues to rage over Stan Kenton, the jazz big-band leader who would have been 100 years old this week. The uproar stems not only from his daughter’s allegations that Kenton, who died of alcoholism-related causes in 1979, sexually assaulted her as a child; the pianist and composer remains artistically controversial, too. Was his “neophonic” [...]

Arts Roundup: Post-Artispheric Edition

Good morning! Matt Siblo, Arts Desk's most masochistic contributor, is still tweeting Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle, and his sanity is thinning. Had a rough weekend? Not like his. Follow him here, and here.
Speaking of tweeting in (glorious) excess, we did exactly that at this weekend's various Artisphere openings. My favorite moments of Saturday's "Burst!" party?

The industrial-chicken-farm [...]