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Improv Veteran Opens Brick-and-Mortar Theater in Bloomingdale Tomorrow

The new space for performance and art will be "a buttload of fun and awesomeness."

Arts Roundup: Just Build It! Edition

Phil Kennicott on the Hirshhorn Bubble: "It would be good for the Smithsonian, good for the District and good for America." [Post]
Meanwhile, from an annoying Washington Post reader: "I suggest that the Hirshhorn folks scramble their resources for a better cause. Please don’t make the Mall a laughingstock." [Post]
Avalon Theatre makes digital transition. [WTOP]
George Washington University [...]

Joke’s On You: To Curb Allegations of Joke Stealing, D.C. Comics Get Creative

It’s a chilly evening in October, and a band of stand-up comics, clowns, improvisers, and freelance writers has crowded into 14th Street NW eatery Restaurant Judy for a meeting of the D.C. Comedy Writers group. They’ve come here to write, riff, and workshop ideas for material. But mostly, they’re here to suck.
The group offers something [...]

Arts Roundup: Pawnee Edition

The D.C. Improv turns 20. [Express]
Sens. John McCain, Barbara Boxer, and Olympia Snow hang out with the delegation from Pawnee, Ind. [New York Times]
The tiny, very influential arts nonprofit in the alley behind the Phillips Collection [Post]
Natalie Hopkinson on how go-go persisted [Express]
Scoutmob's ScoutSoundsDC Podcast (featuring Oddisee, Misun, and other local acts this week) returns. [ScoutMob]
Talk [...]

Stayin’ Classy: Arts Highlights from Our Classes Guide

For folks with artistic aspirations, finding arts-related classes in this week's Stay Classy cover package is less obvious than you might think. Arts and Crafts and Performance, sure, but Travel and Culture? Technology? Yep, you just may find the class of your dreams in those categories, too. Below, some places to check out.
Arts and Crafts
Think [...]