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Arts Roundup: Pinball Drop Edition

Netflix shakes down Maryland for more House of Cards tax breaks. [AP]
The owner of the Pinball Museum, formerly of Georgetown and Baltimore, is selling off his pinball machines. [WTOP]
Ron Moten and go-go supporters battle Prince George's County on go-go. [NBC 4]
University of Maryland to host symposium on issues in black theater. [WAMU]
The D.C. Docent chimes [...]

Arts Roundup: Curtain Raiser Edition

The Eisenhower family still opposes the steel tapestries in Frank Gehry's design for the Eisenhower Memorial [Post]
President and CEO Neal Perle will exit the Washington Performing Arts Society at the end of the 2012-2013 season. [Classical Beat]
Talking with artist Robin Bell about his outdoor projections at the Monseñor Romero Apartments in Mount Pleasant [20kUnderDC]
On the jazz-for-twenty-somethings evangelism [...]

Arts Roundup: Maybe She Really Hates Art Edition

Onward and Upward With Arts Criticism: Smoking Gun may have had the scoop on serial art attacker Susan Burns' recent return to the National Gallery to assault a Matisse, but The Washington Post's report gets the prize for best contextualizing quote: "'What she did was strange,' said a police officer, who asked not to be named. [...]