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Which Hollywood Stars Should Play D.C. Councilmembers?

Our ideas for who should play the 13 current councilmembers

Sex, Poop, and Homophobia: When Public Officials Meddle With Concerts

Friday, the Washington Post's Bill Turque picked up on a story that had been developing for a few weeks: Local activists were gearing up to protest an August show by Mexican band Molotov (shown above) at Fillmore Silver Spring, citing the band's apparently homophobic lyrics. Activists took issue with a particular song from its 1997 album, which seemed [...]

Mingering Mike Accepts Council Honors in Spider-Man Costume

At this morning's D.C. Council legislative meeting, At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds recognized D.C. outsider artist Mingering Mike for his contributions to art in the District. The Mingering Mike Ceremonial Recognition Resolution of 2013 will go into effect immediately.
The outsider artist, known for his hand-painted album sleeves and most recently, his series of D.C. councilmember portraits, turned [...]

Proposed D.C. Council Resolution Would Honor Mingering Mike

When members of the D.C. Council realized that they were the subject of a suite of portraits on view at Hemphill Fine Arts, not all of them were thrilled. Those paintings—part of a group show called "Artist-Citizen"—are the work of Mingering Mike, a fantastical artist whose record-paintings were lost for decades before they were discovered [...]

Mingering Mike Captures D.C. Council in All Its Humanity

The artist known as Mingering Mike first dreamed about joining D.C.'s pantheon of soul sensations. Back in the 1960s and '70s, the D.C. native brought his fantasies to life through hand-painted cardboard records and sleeves. Lost for decades, those faux records eventually resurfaced to great acclaim. Now Mingering Mike's work can be found in the [...]

Here Are Five Songs by D.C. Council Candidate Perry Redd

On the political-debate circuit this spring, Statehood Green Party D.C. Council candidate Perry Redd has mostly used his time to discuss the woes of Washington's underclass in an era of rapid gentrification—an important perspective, if one that has occasionally veered into iffy hyperbole. But in addition to his campaigning and a long career as an activist, [...]

Mendelson Denies Anacostia Playhouse’s Request for Emergency Legislation

Earlier this week, D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson rejected Anacostia Playhouse's attempt to work around a parking requirement that's holding up construction on the theater.
As City Paper previously reported, the Ward 8 playhouse is facing significant delays due to a regulation that requires the playhouse to acquire 15 on-site parking spaces for its 150-person capacity [...]

If D.C. Funding Shrinks, Will Capital Fringe Move to Maryland?

There was a lot of pathos at yesterday's D.C. Council oversight hearing for the city's cash-strapped arts commission ("the arts form human connections") and no shortage of good economic sense (arts create jobs, improve neighborhoods, and assist local businesses). So much of both, in fact, coming from more than 20 D.C. arts administrators, that after [...]