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Jazz Setlist: So Long, Suck Month

It is with no sadness at all that we bid farewell to one of the cruelest months for D.C. jazz that I can remember—one that took two more casualties with it on the way out. R.I.P., Dick Morgan and Frank Wess.
Friday, Nov. 1
When he was in town three years ago,  I said "it is an [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sep. 23-29: Fuller Uber Alles

Friday, Sep. 24
It is an objective, undisputable, unbiased fact that Curtis Fuller is the world's greatest living jazz trombonist. A product of the then-thriving jazz scene of postwar Detroit, he belongs to a troika (along with J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding) that managed to make its instruments work in the bebop language, which was thought [...]