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What D.C. Galleries Brought to Two Miami Art Fairs, and What They Got Out of It

"We're showing stuff that, when we showed it in D.C., everyone loved, but was too chickenshit to buy."

Low-Gallery Diet: Can D.C.’s Art Scene Survive Without Traditional Spaces?

Who’s bothered by the fact that House of Cards tapes in Baltimore, not in D.C.? Let’s see. Folks who work at the District’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development, for sure. Young aspirational residents of Capitol Hill, too, I’m betting. The D.C. art world? After last week, when Pussy Riot joined Kevin Spacey and [...]

Gallery Owners Trade Traditional Spaces for Pop-Ups and Shares

When Andrea Pollan announced that she was leaving her gallery space, Curator’s Office, at 1515 14th Street NW, she was emphatic that she wasn’t closing it down for good. She’d run the microgallery for nine years before her lease expired in June 2013, but with rising rents putting storefront or smaller spaces on the District’s commercial [...]

D.C.’s Year in Art Galleries: Woof

The news that Civilian Art Projects is closing its 7th Street NW gallery space caps off a year of many memorable exhibits—and too many art galleries passing into memory.
While Civilian director Jayme McLellan is taking her situation in stride, planning a 2014 full of pop-up shows and house salons, hers is not the only gallery [...]

Arts Roundup: Carol Burnett Edition

Kennedy Center awards Carol Burnett the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. [Kennedy Center]
How does the Kennedy Center choose its Mark Twain Prize recipients? [Post]
ArtPlace America gives the Gateway Arts District a $240,000 grant. [Washington Business Journal]
Montgomery County launches a crowdfunding mechanism for MoCo nonprofits. [Arts and Humanities Council]
Newseum plans a Civil Rights exhibit. [Washington [...]

Curator’s Office Leaving 14th Street Gallery Space

Curator's Office, one of D.C.'s premiere contemporary art galleries, is leaving 14th Street NW for a destination to be determined. Andrea Pollan, the art dealer and curator who has maintained Curator's Office for nine years at 1515 14th St. NW, says that her lease ends in June.
Pollan says a real estate services firm is taking [...]

Vitamin A: Cliff Evans, “Drones in the Garden”

In which our art critics highlight their favorite works on view.
There are the familiar elements of a Cliff Evans video collage: the camera zooms forever inward, objects move across the screen, borrowed imagery combines with constructed elements. His looping three-minute video, "Drones in the Garden," on view at Curator's Office to Dec. 20, demonstrates a [...]

Reviewed: Olivia Rodriguez at Curator’s Office

From a distance, the decay that permeates Olivia Rodriguez’s art at Curator’s Offfice isn’t always obvious. To get the full effect of the rot, you have to squint. Rodriguez creates small sculptures and tableaux dominated by mushrooms, lichens and branches, using a palette of dark browns, beiges, and rust reds. The closer you look, the [...]

Reviewed: Ann Tarantino at Curator’s Office

When you have no particular destination in mind, you never know where you’ll end up. This, more or less, is the philosophy of Ann Tarantino, who uses ink and gouache on paper to create meandering designs in washed out blues and grays. Tarantino uses sprays, air compressors, even her breath to spread around ink, leaving [...]

Reviewed: Nicholas and Sheila Pye at Curator’s Office

If they are to be believed, the Canadian duo Nicholas and Sheila Pye have packed a ton of interrelated themes into their new six-image series at Curator’s Office—“the death of a relationship, vulnerability, denial, acceptance and release, with an ambiguous undercurrent of hopeful transformation and resurrection.” Maybe, maybe not, but the large color photographs mounted [...]