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ToDo ToDay: Ted Alexandro and Boozy Cupcakes

Ted Alexandro has at least two Facebook pages. One of them is typical for a working comedian: It’s got show announcements, YouTube clips, and choice one-liners for the fans. But Alexandro’s other Facebook page is like a news ticker for the Occupy movement. Even in the waning days of the protests in New York, the [...]

Arts Roundup: Charitable Bacon (We Wish) Edition

Joel Osteen Has a Traffic Delay:'s Jenny Rogers spent Monday tailing Joel Osteen, the charismatic megachurch pastor from Texas, who was in town for a book signing (The Purpose-Driven Something-or-Other) and to scout Nationals Ballpark for a prayer rally to be held next April. Osteen's cadre of handlers were supposed to give Rogers a [...]

Two Things I Like About the New Tabi Bonney Mixtape and One Thing I Don’t

D.C. skinny-jeans rapper Tabi Bonney released a mixtape yesterday—Postcard From Abroad, a collab with producer Smiles Davis. Lots of its samples seem to have been culled from Pitchfork's Best New Music selections, which isn't so bad since the beats are mostly well-executed and in good taste. Something with the chirpy obviousness of Phoenix's "Lisztomania" shouldn't [...]