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Need an Art Studio? New Spaces Are Coming to Brookland and the Former Warehouse Loft

If you doubt that D.C. is experiencing something of an art-studio crisis, consider this: According to owner Marty Youmans, the waiting list at 52 O Street Studios, one of the city's largest buildings of work space, is currently up to 130 names.
All that demand will get a little bit of relief soon, in a few [...]

Seek and You Shall Find: DC Space Finder Launches

Yeah, finding space to make and present art in this city can be a bitch. Ahem. Cough. Guh.
DC Space Finder, a Web tool managed by D.C.'s Cultural Development Corporation and coded by the New York nonprofit Fractured Atlas, hopes to give the local itinerant artist a hand. The website launched Monday, and contains a searchable database [...]

The Artspace Race: D.C.’s Newest Artist Apartments Are Great—If You Can Get In

Back when Brookland Studios still stood at 3305 8th St. NE, the sound of passing Metro cars sometimes made its way into the art. Listen closely to “A Traitor in My Mind,” a song the D.C. indie rock band Last Tide recorded in 2009 at what was then an artists’ warehouse. The track starts gently, with [...]

Cultural Development Corporation to Mayor: “Be Sincere, Thoughtful and Strategic in Your Approach to the Arts”

Mayor Vince Gray laid out a lofty artistic vision for the city to a crowd of about 150 arts leaders yesterday—one in which citizens of London and Paris would ponder what's going on D.C.—before his address took a sobering turn: Times are tough, he said, and "not everything takes money."
It was, undoubtedly, a disappointing message for the [...]