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ToDo ToDay: Frightened Rabbit and Susan Marshall & Company

Just because Scott Hutchison, primary tunesmith for Scottish indie rockers Frightened Rabbit, expertly chronicles the death of romance, it doesn't mean we should wish him a broken heart. But when Hutchison said 2013’s Pedestrian Verse LP was primarily about a wrecked romance, it’s fair to say it felt like a welcome return, however bittersweet, to classic weepy anthems [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Boombox Walk

By now, fans have no business being bored by Ryan and Hays Holladay, who as Bluebrain have produced one script-flipping one-off after another in the two and a half years they’ve been making music in the District. But that doesn’t mean the experimental pop duo can’t get sick of their own shtick—or, let’s be honest, [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Buy the Couch

Ty Segall is often compared to the late Jay Reatard, and he’s undoubtedly a standard bearer of San Francisco’s rich neo-garage scene, but that doesn’t mean he’s satisfied with those frames of reference. Back in April, Segall released an EP of T. Rex covers, a glam-rock course correction that also informs his new, intriguing full-length,Goodbye [...]

Two Things I Like About the New Tabi Bonney Mixtape and One Thing I Don’t

D.C. skinny-jeans rapper Tabi Bonney released a mixtape yesterday—Postcard From Abroad, a collab with producer Smiles Davis. Lots of its samples seem to have been culled from Pitchfork's Best New Music selections, which isn't so bad since the beats are mostly well-executed and in good taste. Something with the chirpy obviousness of Phoenix's "Lisztomania" shouldn't [...]