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Finally, Slumberland Records Is No Longer Just a Hobby

And now for some rare feel-good news about the recording industry: For what's essentially the first time since it was founded more than 20 years ago in Silver Spring, venerable indie-pop label Slumberland Records is now a full-time operation. Slumberland's owner and sole employee, Mike Schulman, quit his day job as a software engineer two weeks [...]

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm: 20 Slumberland Memories, Part 2

The Aislers Set
Slumberland Records, the locally formed label that has released some of the best, noisiest indie pop ever pressed to seven-inch, turned 20 this year, and it's celebrating all weekend. Tonight's show at the Black Cat features current Slumberland bands Crystal Stilts, Brown Recluse, Frankie and the Outs and Pants Yell!, as well as [...]

Slumberland Announces 20th Anniversary Show @ Black Cat

Sweater rockers of the greater D.C. area, it's time to start knitting! Slumberland has just announced a 20th anniversary concert at Black Cat.
Way back in 1989, when DC was still more of an all-hardcore-all-the-time kind of place, Slumberland Records took a chance and pressed its first 7", What Kind of Heaven Do You Want, a [...]

Weekend Music Round-Up


The Footprint in Hip Hop Tour: Method Man & Red Man, Ghostface Killah, Duo Live. 9:30 club. $35. All ages.
Sophia Bass, Ruthi & the Tracers. Bangkok Blues. Call for price.
Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers, Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials. Birchmere. $25.
Head Automatica, Cubic Zirconia. Black Cat. $15. All ages.
Carol Bui Butterflies, Impossible Hair, [...]

SXSW Recap: Friday

Medications: When Medications performed at Fort Reno a few years back, I told drummer/bassist Chad Molter that I thought his band's new songs sounded sort of like mid-'70s Fleetwood Mac, in a good way. I'm not sure he really liked hearing that, though. At any rate, when they played Friday, at this funky art-space/theater, the [...]

So Why Did The Crystal Stilts Cancel Its DC9 Show?

On Sunday night, Pop Cesspool and I walked over to DC9 to check out the Crystal Stilts show only to be faced with a flier on the door telling us that the band had canceled.
The Cesspool was miffed by the sudden no show. So he decided to e-mail the band. One Crystal Stilts member replied. [...]

Music 2008: Indie Rock Rediscovers The Joys Of Tape Hiss

In a good way, indie rock got smaller in 2008.
D.C. rediscovered its love for vinyl (the story of the year is the resurgence of the mom-and-pop record store). A neighborhood—Mount Pleasant—stood up against anti-live-music NIMBYs. Even a local band or two seemed to surprise all of us (Deleted Scenes).
There's a new underground, a real underground, [...]

Music 2008: Red Onion Goes To 11

Josh Harkavy, owner of the record/book store Red Onion, e-mailed me this: his favorite, or some of his favorite records of the year.
Josh explains: "This is by no means a top 11 list, just 11 albums I listened to a lot in 2008.
Let me know if you need more info or anything. I hope you don't mind [...]

Crystal Stilts Will Soundtrack Your Winter

The Crystal Stilts' Alight of Night, which was recently released, is another great album for your winter walks. High on reverb, bitter-sweet melodies that recall the best of the C86 scene, the Shop Assistants, Velocity Girl, Flying Nun, etc, and those mopey, buried vocals. The Brooklyn-based band has such a good, assured sound. I've been [...]