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Reviewed: John Brown at Cross Mackenzie Gallery

In John Brown’s return engagement at Cross Mackenzie Gallery, the Washington photographer picks back up his previous subject matter—delicate portrayals of trees—but with a welcome tweak or two.
Brown’s 2010 exhibit at the gallery consisted of grids of dreamlike photographic assemblages documenting an arbor of vines, season by season, while his contribution to a 2012 group [...]

Reviewed: John Cole at Cross-MacKenzie Gallery

Like Frank Hallam Day’s images of ship hulls, John Cole’s color photographs of walls dwell on peeling paint, unexpected textures, and odd splotches of color. Cole’s works aren’t as mesmerizing as Day’s (which were my pick as the best photographic images in Washington in 2013) but some are worth a look.

ToDo ToDay: Os Kuduristas, Passing Phases, The Whale, and Nature

Five-piece Angolan dance troupe Os Kuduristas aims to bring kuduro—an electronic genre that melds African polyrhythms with Caribbean soca and four-on-the-floor techno—to the rest of the world. Tonight, after a demonstration and workshop, the Kuduristas take on D.C. hip-hop dance crews Urban Artistry and Lionz of Zionz, with music provided by D.C. DJs Sol Power [...]

Reviewed: “Macho” at Cross-MacKenzie Gallery

The subject matter of “Macho: Considering Masculinity” could be the topic of numerous dissertations. (And it surely has been.) So a small gallery exhibit can barely scratch the surface of gender studies. But Cross MacKenzie Gallery, with help from a baker’s dozen of mostly local D.C. artists, make a game effort. National Geographic contributor Skip [...]

Reviewed: “Twisted” at Cross-MacKenzie Gallery

There’s nothing kinky about “Twisted,” the new show of painting and sculpture at Cross-MacKenzie Gallery. The title is meant literally, encompassing all manner of art whose elements are intertwined and meandering. Brett Price offers a ceramic bowl crafted from an agglomeration of coiled, earthworm-like shapes; Lynn Horton painstakingly hand-draws looping, penciled swooshes on a monumental, [...]

The Best Photography Exhibits of 2011

Locally, the past year has been a good one for two types of photography—landscape work and documentary. It's also been notable for several smart shows at the American University Museum and Goethe-Institut, but the sad closing of a venerable venue of good photography, Bethesda's Fraser Gallery. Here's my list of the 10 best photographic exhibits in [...]

Reviewed: Rose-Lynn Fisher at Cross-MacKenzie Gallery

In making images of bees that she enlarges hundreds and even thousands of times, Rose-Lynn Fisher, a California-based photographer, finds patterns that are “otherworldly, more like landscapes than miniatures. Hair and pollen look like forests of trees [and] the bee's abdomen resembles rolling foothills after a forest fire.” That’s true, but an even more apt [...]

Gallery and Museum Roundup: Reviews of O’Keeffe, Fraser Gallery, and Timothy O’Sullivan

“Shoshone Falls, Snake River, Idaho, View Across the Top of the Falls, 1874" by Timothy O'Sullivan from "Framing the West: The Survey Photographs of Timothy H. O’Sullivan” at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
OPENING: "I Dream Awake" opens today as part of Pop-up Project; photographs by John Brown open tomorrow at Cross Mackenzie Gallery; work [...]