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Critic Katherine A. Powers: Why Book Translators Shouldn’t Get Short Shrift

Noir fiction started as an American phenomenon, but it didn’t take long to cross the pond. French New Wave directors took plenty of inspiration from authors like David Goodis and James M. Cain, and today the genre arguably lives and breathes most intensely in Nordic countries—thanks especially to the late Swedish author Stieg Larsson, whose [...]

Blog for Fringe & Purge!

The Capital Fringe Festival is entering its Diamonds Are Forever phase. The unjuried, free-form performing arts festival's seventh iteration kicks off July 12 and will sprawl across 18 venues through July 29. And with another slate of 130-plus shows from acts ranging from greenhorns to old timers, the menu can be overwhelming. [...]

The Incredible Shrinking Critic (According to Michael Kaiser)

Whither critics? Michael Kaiser apparently thinks so. The Kennedy Center president, in his latest Huffington Post column, declares that "arts criticism has become a participatory activity rather than a spectator sport." Uh oh, looks like the netizens are out for our jobs!
Or are they? In lamenting what he sees as a decline in top-notch arts [...]

Criticism ’09

Apropos of nothing, a former Washington Post classical writer and a current Washington Post pop writer recently weighed in on the meaning of music criticism. J. Freedom du Lac claims that influence is no longer a widespread possibility—and hasn’t been since the era of Boston—but that it’s still possible put a subject under a new [...]