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Bluebrain’s Hays Holladay Releases a Solo LP

Hays Holladay, one-half of  electro-pop wunderkinds Bluebrain, released his first solo album, Life Swap, as a free download today. The eight-track LP, which Holladay began recording last year between various Bluebrain projects, is mellower and maybe a bit more sprawling than Bluebrain's output. Holladay's blend of synths, drum machines, and looping software have created a [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 27

Revolutions, natural disasters, scandals, irrepressible subcultures ... it's crazy out there, people! Far Out vs. Hot Dang has your back, though. Remember: IT'S ALL LOVE.

"It’s managed to stay classically and quintessentially yuppie!"
"douchebags, everywhere"

"Consider this installment of Fare Assessment our version of an Internal Affairs Bureau."
Marissa Payne / The Anti DC: "Kojo on NPR just now, [...]

Meet a New Label: Cricket Cemetery Records

Cricket Cemetery is Ian Thompson's first record label, but it isn't the first based out of the Arlington house he currently lives in. That distinction goes to Lovitt Records.
But Thompson's new project, a home for hardcore and "anything loud," is more austere than most labels, even in this punk town: "I only do 300 copies [...]