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Listen: Cricket Cemetery’s September Sampler

"Anything loud." That's how Ian Thompson, founder of Arlington's Cricket Cemetery, described his record label's forte in a 2011 interview with Washington City Paper. But it turns out Cricket Cemetery does quiet pretty well, too—though it's hard to find much of that on the September sampler Thompson recently posted on Bandcamp.
The sampler, which you can [...]

Listen: The Shirks’ “Action Men” 7-Inch

Artistic development. Growth. Maturity. These are not things for D.C. band The Shirks.
Today, local label Cricket Cemetery released "Action Men," the latest 7-inch from the garage-punk band. The Shirks aren't biting off more than they can chew here: The 7-inch is a three-songer of the same crunchy, snot-drizzled quality as its recent self-titled LP, with minimal [...]

Cricket Cemetery to Release X.O.’s The Takeover 2 on Vinyl

Yesterday on Facebook, Arlington-based record label Cricket Cemetery announced that it plans to re-release X.O.'s 2008 Takeover 2 mixtape on vinyl this summer.
"I am honored to announce the addition of X.O. to the Cricket Cemetery family," says the label's status update. It promises to give the mixtape "deluxe packaging" on colored vinyl in a limited [...]

Categorizing the Music at Tomorrow’s Cricket Cemetery Showcase

D.C.’s Cricket Cemetery label hawks emerging hardcore and indie punk with defiant swagger. Its lack of a prevailing studio ideology is served well when the imprint rolls the dice on, say, a meticulous, structured EP that aims for harmonies. Make no mistake, the label's showcase at Black Cat Saturday will be loud, but also fair and [...]

ToDo ToDay: Story League Goes Upstairs

D.C.’s steadily growing storytelling scene is moving upstairs. Story League, the twice-monthly tale-telling contest co-founded early in 2011, has booked the Black Cat mainstage tonight—the first locally produced storytelling show at the club, and the first to attempt to fill its upstairs space. Story League shows typically revolve around a loose theme, like “Revenge” [...]

Listen: Washerwoman’s Debut Seven-Inch

In this week's Washington City Paper—our annual Best of D.C. issue—I've got all kinds of praise for Cricket Cemetery Records, which over the last year has grown from a great boutique hardcore label into, um, a great boutique hardcore-plus-other-stuff label. Cricket Cemetery has a bunch of releases the spring, and selections from most of them [...]

Play “Find the Rock Riff” With Tender Thrill’s Debut LP

There's something familiar going on throughout Tender Thrill's debut LP. "All Night," the record's ballsy 10-minute opener, lifts the crunchy riff and rock-classicist rhyme scheme from Bruce Springsteen's "Ramrod."  "Geena" has to be a Ramones pastiche. "In Black" borrows from Elvis. "The Last Mile" could be Patsy Cline, but slowed to sludge. Where War on Drugs [...]

Why Do D.C. Bands Suck So Much? The Director’s Cut

For this week's Answers Issue, we took on some our readers' most pressing questions about life in the District.
When we put out the call for queries last October, we were immediately impressed (seriously!) by the intelligence of many of the submissions. At the same time—well, let's just say we got trolled pretty hard. In the end, [...]

Ramon Ramirez’s Five Best Local Albums of 2011

Oddisee made the best DMV album of 2011. But I’m tired of reading about him in Arts Desk posts.
On the national side of sounds, the year was mostly about slowing down and turning up the bass (see: James Blake, Drizzy Drake, The Weeknd, Bon Iver, Girls, Frank Ocean). However, some Haterade for all the buzzy [...]

Occupy D.C.: The District’s Newest DIY Space?

The stakes got a lot higher for Occupy Wall Street protests around the country this week, but in D.C., the protesters encamped in McPherson Square have basically been left to their own devices by the authorities. It didn't take long for Occupy D.C., now well into its second month, to develop its own infrastructure, folkways, [...]