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The DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival, Reviewed

The fifth annual festival complemented cinematic offerings with conversations about intersections between Palestinian art and local communities.

The Most Popular Books Sold at Busboys and Poets

Which outpost sold the most vegan cookbooks? Kiddie hip-hop anthologies? Radical history books?

ToDo ToDay: Cornel West and Tavis Smiley

Last year, the pundits/authors/black intellectuals/men about town Tavis Smiley and Cornel West took to the road for a “Poverty Tour” of the country. (Don’t be thrown by the seeming formality of Dr. West’s signature black three-piece suit—he calls his attire “cemetery clothes,” explaining, “If you love poor people you better be coffin-ready.”) At the time, [...]

Don’t Be Bored: On the Universe and Nothingness

You are nothing. In fact, 99.9999999999999 percent of everything is made up of nothing. But despite that empty feeling you have, there is something—atoms, sure; the Higgs boson particle, likely—and the sum of those things coalesces into our beautiful universe. How everything became as it is—built up from zilch—is the basis of theoretical physicist Lawrence [...]

Raheem DeVaughn Occupies Bandcamp

Every protest movement needs its anthems. Unfortunately, the first ones on offer surrounding the Occupy D.C. protests were, well, kind of lame.
Raheem DeVaughn's latest could change all that. The local R&B crooner was arrested last month protesting corporate greed outside the Supreme Court, and now he's turned in an Occupy-themed mixtape, Freedom Fighter, which you [...]

Raheem DeVaughn Among Protesters Arrested at Supreme Court

Local crooner Raheem DeVaughn was among the group of protesters led by by Princeton academic Cornel West that was arrested on the grounds of the Supreme Court yesterday afternoon. The demonstration—protesting the court's 2010 Citizens United ruling that blocked the government from banning corporate spending in elections—took place following yesterday morning's dedication of the Martin [...]

Get Your Zinn On

Tonight's dedication of the Howard Zinn Room at the Busboys & Poets in Hyattsville has quite a lineup, if radical politics is your thing:
Hosted by Jeff Zinn and Andy Shallal. Featured presenters: Bernice Johnson Reagon, Amy Goodman, Cornel West, Dave Zirin, Beverly Daniel Tatum, Laura Flanders, Marian Wright Edelman, Medea Benjamin, Regie Cabico, Judy Richardson, [...]