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Arts Roundup: Two Trips to Guapo’s Edition

Good morning! Wale has offended Baltimore. Later today on Arts Desk, we'll ponder: Why does D.C.'s biggest rapper have the lamest controversies ever?
The Washington Post Magazine thinks this air-guitar champion is worth your time. Plus: The National Pinball Museum is coming to the beleaguered Shops at Georgetown Park mall.
Why does WaPo's Blake Gopnik get to review the Hirshhorn's Yves Klein retrospective twice?
City [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Filmfest DC Is Not Full of Eels’ Edition

Good morning! Or as the Romanians might say: Bună dimineaţa!
The 24th Filmfest DC kicks off today, and in this week's City Paper, we laud the festival's organizers for their spotlight on forward-thinking works of the Romanian cinema. The Romanian New Wave—or the New Romanian Wave, or the Noul Val Românesc—has lit up the international festival [...]

Local Label Roundup: New Music from Sockets, VHF, More

Sean Peoples posted a huge update to the Sockets Records blog last night. Here's what the label has coming up:

A new HUME EP this summer, with a tour to follow.
A Laughing Man EP.
An Aaron Thompson LP, with lotsa guests.
An EP from N'Digo Rose, who plays keys in the Cornel West Theory.
A Cornel West Theory mixtape.
A Sean [...]

Arts Roundup: “Stewart Lupton and Hoots of Recognition” Edition

Good morning! We launched a new Web site today, which perhaps you didn't notice since you read my roundups in RSS, thus denying me valuable impressions. (Actually, I have no idea if that's how it works. Someone enlighten me!)
The South by Southwest postmortem! Certainly its own form, not quite a cottage industry. I have been [...]

Sockets Records: The Early Years

On Friday night, Sockets Records will celebrate its fifth anniversary on the mainstage at Black Cat with a five-band bill featuring Hume, Imperial China, Big Gold Belt, Buildings, and the Cornel West Theory. It will be quite the local-music blowout.
But getting to this point took a lot of work. No, really, it took a lot [...]

Clip Job: Five Off-the-Wall Collaborative Performances

There's more to life than gigs.
A handful of area musicians are keeping that notion in mind this weekend, stepping outside their comfort zones for collaborative, one-night-only performances. There's Zomes, the drone-y project of Lungfish's Asa Osborne, which performs tonight at the Writer's Center in Bethesda as part of the ongoing Story/Stereo series. For the performance, [...]

End-Of-The-Week Music News, Free Stuff Edition

Perhaps you've heard there's a lot of free shit going down this weekend. If you haven't, well, there's a lot of free shit going down this weekend. Most of it revolves around the Kia Soul Collective tour, which has set up shop in a warehouse at 3330 New York Ave. NE, with free parking [...]

Sockets Summer Mix Vol. 2

The weather may be cooling off, but Sockets isn't quite ready to pack up the shorts and deflate the beach balls. The label recently posted this mixtape–which includes songs by Food For Animals, BLDGS, and Edie Sedgwick–in the hopes of stretching the summer season out for a few more weeks.

Here's the tracklist:
1. "Love [...]

New Cornel West Theory Mp3

Twinkling rhodes piano. Ambient computer noise. A lightly funky acoustic guitar loop. If you were under the impression that The Cornel West Theory was all about fire and brimstone—a safe assumption, given the ski masks and angry vibes depicted in this video–, well, they can also take it down a notch. “An Angel For You,” [...]

Sockets Summer Mix

So far, summer is having a little trouble getting started. So far all we've gotten is a lot of rain, no Screen On The Green, and no Fort Reno schedule. But please, let this free summer mixtape, compiled by local label Sockets, be a salve to your bruised expectations. There are exclusive cuts by Maximillion [...]