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Sunday Double Decker: Jazz Setlist, Feb. 19-25

Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble is enough to constitute a full-on and fervent spiritual experience.

Jazz Setlist: Kahil’s Back

Thursday, Feb. 6
Tim Whalen has been kicking it up lately. Always a popular sideman in town—and for very good reason—Whalen has bands that seem to be increasingly visible on the scene. That's especially true of his septet, but Whalen also leads a trimmed down quartet featuring one horn (tenor saxophonist Tedd Baker) and a rhythm [...]

Jazz Setlist, February 21-27: Kahil, Jeremy, and Antonio

Friday, Feb. 22
When local pianist Darius Scott came down with the flu this past week, he was unable to make an announced gig at the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival. The person he called to take over the gig? That was Antonio Parker, who put on an absolutely crackling set of blues, modal jazz, and a [...]

Jazz Setlist, February 23-29: Piano/Bass/Drums

Thursday, Feb. 23
As beautiful as the Coltrane-derived tradition of "spiritual jazz" is—and as much as this writer loves and values it—it hasn't often had the transcendent, moving-to-a-higher-plane effect that its admirers often give it credit for. John Coltrane, Billy Harper, Pharoah Sanders all move me, inspire me, challenge me; they don't offer me spiritual enlightenment. [...]

Tonight: Ethnic Heritage Ensemble’s Annual D.C. Show

Transparent Productions is still basically defunct, but it probably shouldn't surprise anyone that the name is being resurrected to accommodate Kahil El'Zabar and his Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, who for the past 8 years have played a Black History Month show in the D.C. area. Last year it was special: a 35th-anniversary extravaganza that included a [...]