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Arts Roundup: L.A. Breaks Edition

Beautiful Girls: Follies! The Stephen Sondheim musical opens on Saturday at the Kennedy Center, and in the run-up, WaPo is profiling each of its stars. Of course, Bernadette Peters is "first among equals," writes Peter Marks in his Sunday piece. Today's Elaine Paige item by Dan Zak is a lot more fun if you read the [...]

Roger Gastman to Talk Graffiti on Display Inside (But Not Outside) the Corcoran

Roger Gastman has spent a career documenting graffiti—in zines, in books, and on screen. Mostly he's helped shed light on the work of others. But he used to be a scrawny teenager with his own tag—"Clear"—that, once upon a time (read: the early '90s), you might have spotted from the above-ground sections of the Red [...]

Think Locally, Show Locally

It'd be almost easier for District artists to win representation on Capitol Hill than representation on the National Mall. With a few exceptions—favorite sons Jim Sanborn, Sam Gilliam, Martin Puryear, the old Washington Color School guys—local artists are perennially underserved by the art institutions that call the capital city home. And fair enough, it's not [...]

Who Is Cool ‘Disco’ Dan? D.C. Graffiti Legend Opens Up in New Documentary

The graffiti tag "Cool 'Disco' Dan" is connotative of all things D.C. during the 1980s and early 1990s—citywide double-dutch competitions, the politics of then Mayor Marion Barry, the war on drugs and coke kingpin Rayful Edmond III. No part of the city was off-limits to the phantomlike Dan, who dropped tags on just about every [...]