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Art Basel Miami: It’s the Economy, Stupid

Images from Art Whino's installation
Go to an art event this week and you may notice that the artists, curators and gallery owners you encounter have a sun-kissed glow. They've just returned from Miami's Art Basel, an international art fair where collectors scoop up works by established and up-and-coming artists, curators look for fresh talent, and [...]

A Wing and a Prayer: The Chicken Puns of Koen VanMechelen

They've spared us any one-liners about crossing the road, or having flown the coop. But something about Koen VanMechelen's "Cosmopolitan Chicken Project" at Conner Contemporary brings out the punniest in bloggers and writers everywhere. It's easy to see why: There's an abundance of material, from the classic chicken or the egg scenario to the [...]

Something to Cock-a-Doodle-Do This Weekend: See Art Featuring Chickens

Koen VanMechelen loves chickens. Live chickens, stuffed chickens, videos of chickens, paintings made with egg tempera. Saturday night at Conner Contemporary, VanMechelen's "Cosmopolitan Chicken Project (DC)" opens; it'll run to Dec. 31. According to the press release, the Belgian artist is "systematically crossing all breeds of chickens to create a world-mongrel chicken."