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Judy Rushin’s Great Idea Falls Flat at Flashpoint Gallery

Even the most compelling conceptual art can be difficult to display in a traditional gallery setting. “Between Us: Variance Invariance Project by Judy Rushin &” suffers that fate.
The idea is promising. Rushin created a series of abstract paintings, designed to attach or detach in modular form. She then shipped them around to a variety of [...]

Photo: Everynone

E10 Conceptual Art: Adrian Parsons at Transformer, 1404 P St. NW.  July 11th.

Reviewed: Jimmy Miracle at Flashpoint Gallery

Jimmy Miracle, a Florida-born, Washington-based conceptual artist, is nothing if not meticulous, as witnessed by his two projects currently on display at Flashpoint Gallery.
“The Rockaways” stems from a four-month effort in which Miracle rode his bike 13 miles from Bushwick in Brooklyn to Fort Tilden in Queens six days a week, gathering garbage and natural [...]

Reviewed: Frank DiPerna and Dan Tague at Civilian Art Projects

Frank DiPerna’s exhibit at Civilian Art Projects is all about flatness, both real and contrived. DiPerna, a photographer and professor at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, has traveled the globe documenting murals and other wall surfaces, from a gate spray-painted with skulls in Mexico to a Dolce & Gabbana ad on a beach [...]

Reviewed: Jill Townsley at Project 4

Most artists would cringe at the word “workmanlike” to describe their artistic output, but Jill Townsley embraces it. In an exhibit appropriately titled “TOIL,” Townsley creates her art by painstakingly repeating such humble processes as scribbling. That’s hardly a new notion in art; artists from Cy Twombly to Linn Meyers have tried it. But Townsley [...]

Reviewed: Polly Townsend at Flashpoint

Polly Townsend, a British-born artist who works in Paris and London, offers an intimate tour of her creative process in a diverse but taut exhibit at Flashpoint. Townsend’s inspiration comes from desolate, rough-hewn mountain regions; the exhibit offers not only her finished products (an oil on canvas that pays homage to Georgia O’Keeffe as well [...]

Reviewed: Lisa Dillin at Flashpoint Gallery

Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote that “hell is other people.” But hell may actually be having to work in an office with décor designed by Lisa Dillin. The Baltimore-based Dillin creates mixed-media works that seem to toy with the mismatch between what designers think people want and what they actually want. The most benign are pieces [...]

Reviewed: “Site Aperture” at Flashpoint

Four artists contributed works to this exhibit of site-specific installations, including Mia Feuer, whose jackal-headed, missile-shaped, Styrofoam forms deliberately confound notions of lightness and heft; Talia Greene, who creates wallpaper that includes hand-drawn ants as an integral component; and Mariah Anne Johnson, who fills out empty spaces in the gallery with meticulously folded and stacked [...]

Reviewed: Nicole Herbert and Janell Olah at Flashpoint

The twin exhibitions now on view at Flashpoint don’t limit themselves to appearing in the gallery; they become part of it, toying with the architectural features not just of the exhibit space but also the facility’s accompanying cubicles, conference rooms and bathroom areas. In “Trace,” Nicole Herbert adds a series of supernumerary fixtures to the [...]