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With Jerry Seinfeld’s Help, Wale and Complex Bury the Hatchet

"Ariana Grande? I had that at a coffee shop one time. It’s coffee with cinnamon in it."

Wale’s Blue Period, In Review

In 2013, hometown hip-hop star Wale had one of the best years of his career. But the famously temperamental rapper’s peaks (going No. 1 on the charts, working with his idol Jerry Seinfeld) seemed almost as numerous as his nadirs (the infamous Complex phone call). Want to be a Wale fan? Hop on the rollercoaster.
Jan. [...]

DMV Beats: Wale’s Complex Complex

Wale Addresses Complex Incident in New Song, "Walk N’ Live"
A week removed from losing it with a Complex magazine editor and threatening the entire staff, Wale addressed the matter, first in an interview with Hot 97 and then with "Walk N' Live." The DJ Relly Rell-produced cut finds Wale getting to the root of his [...]

Wale’s The Gifted Didn’t Make Complex’s Best of 2013 List, or Anyone Else’s

Wale called the New York offices of Complex Wednesday to give the publication a big nasty piece of his mind. According to a Complex staffer who took the call, the D.C. rapper lost his shit when he didn't see his 2013 album, The Gifted, on the magazine's list of the year's top 50 records. "At this point, [...]

Is Black Cat’s Red Room Really Douchey?

No, it is not. But according to New York's Complex magazine, Black Cat's Red Room is one of the top 25 "douchiest bars in Washington D.C." Here's the mag's excruciatingly bitter take:
The Black Cat is a great concert venue, but its Red Room bar is reminiscent of the gateway to hell that you'll remember from [...]