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You Should Have Watched the Whole Game

I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan, which means I sat through all of last night's massacre. If you are a Redskins fan, you probably didn't. This post is not about football, however. It's about the fact that I got to see the commercial for Afros Cut—a Hyattsville barber/beauty shop—several times in the second half.
It is now [...]

Chuck Brown’s Chips Ahoy Ad Takes New York

Over the weekend, I was visiting my in-laws in Staten Island. While we were flipping through TV channels at one point, a familiar beat thumped out into the living room. "I feel like bustin' loose..." the TV sang.
Yes—Chuck Brown's Chips Ahoy commercial had gone national.
The spot's been on the air for a while, but this [...]

John Fahey Is Selling Vaseline

So I'm-a sittin' here fighting off a head cold and watching a little Life on Mars, when comes a commercial break. What snaps me to attention are the fingerpickings of late Takoma Park native and primitive guitarist John Fahey—to be specific "In Christ There Is No East or West" (the '67 version, pretty sure).
It was [...]