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Meet a Formerly Local Cartoon Editor: A Chat with Dan Nadel

Dan Nadel is a local comics guy who broke into the big time. He's become one of the best-known proponents of the idea of  comics as art. Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventures, 1940 – 1980 (Abrams ComicArts, $40) is his second book on lesser-known artists, following o Art Out Of Time: Unknown [...]

Dirt Farm #248: Olympics!

Dirt Farm #247: Mardi Gras!

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Arts Desk: Wyclef’s Haiti Charity, Comics Shops, Jane Austen Erotica

This week on Arts Desk: Yéle Haiti! The charity founded by the former Fugees musician Wyclef Jean has raised millions for earthquake relief since last week, and received half of the $36,000 netted by a benefit concert at the 9:30 Club Monday—while at the same time, it came under fire for making a series of [...]