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Meet the Local Illustrator of Lumberjanes, a Feminist, Fast-Growing Summer Camp Comic

Five punky best girl friends fight yetis and velociraptors (and sometimes kiss) in Brooke Allen's drawings.

Year Two of Awesome Con Was Bigger, But Was It Better?

"Last year this was a local convention. This year, it's a national convention," said Awesome Con co-founder Steve Anderson at the convention, which took place this past weekend.
The numbers may back him up. The District's fledgling comic-con saw at least 250 percent more attendees this year, its second year of existence. Sunday estimates from the ticket counter suggest that [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Steve Loya

Steve Loya, a member of the DC Conspiracy cartooning co-op, created the cover of the new issue of the Magic Bullet comics newspaper. He recently answered our usual questions.
Washington City Paper: What type of comic work or cartooning do you do?
Steve Loya: I sometimes do more traditional panel by panel stories, but for the most [...]

Scrawl Minded: The Year’s Best Local Comics

For many years, cartooning in the District seemed only as exciting as the latest Herblock collection. These days, the DMV illustration scene offers far more diversity than editorial cartoons or newspaper strips, and this year produced worthwhile volumes from surprising people, including a congressman, a millionaire, and an NPR commentator.
March: Book One
By Rep. John Lewis, [...]

Arts Roundup: Pipe Down, Grandpa! Edition

Old people be talkin' during movies. In a crazy ironic twist, they're also the first to shush you in the library. John Kelly should write a column about that, too. [Post]
This forthcoming animal art in Capitol Hill had better be damn cute. [DCist]
Billy Joel is overwhelmed by the Kennedy Center Honors. Overwhelmed! [Los Angeles Times]
Let D.C. [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Essa Neima

Originally from Damascus, Syria, Essa Neima now teaches animation at the University of the District of Columbia. Over the summer, two of his pieces were on display at the "cARToons" exhibit in Politics and Prose's café.
This interview has been edited for clarity.
Washington City Paper: What type of comic work or cartooning do you do?
Essa Neima: The [...]

Meet a Visiting Comics Curator: A Chat With Andrew Farago

Andrew Farago isn't typical of the people I interview because he doesn't make comics. Instead he organizes exhibits of them and writes about them. Andrew works at the Cartoon Art Museum, one of the few U.S. cartoon museums (the other big ones are the soon-to-reopen Billy Ireland Library and Museum at Ohio State University and [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Josh Kramer

Josh Kramer does cartoon journalism in minicomic form. His "A Day in the Life of a Milk and Cookies Food Truck: What's it like being Captain Cookie?" appeared in Washington City Paper this spring. Kramer is launching the latest issue of his Cartoon Picayune comic Friday with an open house, and took some time to [...]

Bandleader Darcy James Argue on the Genesis of Brooklyn Babylon

Darcy James Argue describes his 18-piece Secret Society ensemble as a "steampunk big band," but that's not exactly literal. The composer and bandleader does operate on a similar, cross-genre and -era aesthetic as steampunk, but his jazz big band doesn't fully embrace the subculture's outlandish fashion, for one, and it also works with elements of [...]

Where to Get Free Comic Books on Free Comic Book Day

This year's Free Comic Book Day falls on May 4, noted Star Wars holiday (May the fourth be with you, etc.). But whether the force is with you or not—and no matter how you feel about J. J. Abrams—just about any flavor of nerd could probably get behind 50-plus free comics.
Local purveyors aren't messing around [...]