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ToDo ToDay: Laurie Anderson! Free Ice Cream!

Laurie Anderson tells great stories. Yeah, she’s also a musician, inventor, performance artist, sculptor, and painter, but strange narratives remain central to her work. Her new composition, Scenes From My New Novel, is filled with sonic bon mots: A collaboration with the venerable experimental ensemble Kronos Quartet, the work focuses on text that got turned into [...]

On Repeat: Alex Minoff’s Sort-of-Released Solo Album

Alex Minoff has an album of new tunes. Someone should put out this Alex Minoff album of new tunes!
For now, it's all on Soundcloud, and the songs are rich in lovelorn bon mots ("I only ever loved two things, and both of them are you"), early rock 'n' roll tropes, and the kind of colorful, [...]

I Think We’re Not in Kansas House Anymore

Over the last 15 years, Kansas House, a tiny four-bedroom home in Arlington, has seen members of bands that recorded for almost every D.C. record label—Dischord, Teenbeat, Slowdime, Simple Machines—crash on its floors, perform in its living room, or be thoroughly revolted by its rat-infested basement.
Kansas House is not a club. Shows happen there once [...]