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With Broke-ology, Anacostia Playhouse Opens for Business

It's six hours before the first preview of Broke-ology at the Anacostia Playhouse and I'm sitting on the plush red couch at center stage. The couch's ultimate destiny, I'm told by Theater Alliance Artistic Director Colin Hovde, will be to grace a corner in his still-empty office upstairs. Hovde and Chief Operating Officer Julia Robey [...]

Setting the Tone: Theater Alliance Premieres Hum This Weekend

White noise, as we know it, is any number of innocuous droning sounds, easily tuned out.
But what if it were a powerful force that dictated the nature of human interaction? In the alternative reality of Nicholas Wardigo's play Hum, a world premiere in previews at Theater Alliance this weekend, a white noise both dangerous and [...]

Fearful Passage: Theater Alliance Reads The Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo

The star-crossed lovers lay entwined and unrecoverable in Sniper Alley for days following their death. Mark H. Milstein took his photograph of the bodies of Admira Ismic, a Muslim Bosnian, and Bosko Brkic, a Catholic Serb, on May 19, 1993, after the two were killed while attempting to escape Sarajevo. Because of the dissemination of Milstein's photograph and a [...]

Colin Hovde Returns to Theater Alliance After Stint as Talent Agent

In today's Washington Post, Jane Horwitz reported that Theater Alliance, a small company in residence at the H Street Playhouse, has named Colin Hovde as its new artistic director.
Hovde, 31, previously worked for Theater Alliance as its associate artistic director, but more recently he's been working at the Capital Talent Agency with former Theater Alliance [...]