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ToDo ToDay: Fuck Buttons, Cody ChesnuTT, and Union BBQ

Fuck Buttons is an uncensored group—and that goes beyond FCC-fineable offenses. The duo from Bristol, England, creates mysterious electronic assaults that haunt listeners on its latest album, Slow Focus. Tracks like “Year of the Dog” are aural hellscapes decked in ominous choruses, manic strings, and pulsating synth tones. Despite the dark tone, the album retains a [...]

Cody ChesnuTT Loves Performing for D.C.’s Black Audiences, but Says Soul Music’s in a Rut

Cody ChesnuTT is a much different musician than he was 12 years ago when, on 2002's The Headphone Masterpiece, the soul singer garnered attention by simply not giving a damn. Check out the 12-second track "Brother with an Ego" if you don't believe me. The album's lo-fi, bare-bones aesthetic charmed the Roots into remixing one of its [...]

Valentine’s Day: Don’t Just Drink It Away

Valentine's Day: you know how it goes. OK for some, sucky for most. Drinking is always an option, but that can get depressing fast; fortunately there's some other stuff going on that might distract you from that massive teddy bear display in the middle of CVS.
Jenn Tisdale and Andrew Bucket host an evening of dark humor [...]

Outtakes: Maimouna Youssef Discusses “Black Magic,” Recording With The Roots

Maimouna Youssef has an artistic vision seasoned well beyond her 26 years—due mainly to her upbringing in a musical household and the time she's spent collaborating with artists like The Roots and Dead Prez.
I interviewed Youssef for last week's One Track Mind column, but I couldn't fit nearly everything in. Here's the rest of our interview—in [...]