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Arts Roundup: Return of the Bubble Edition

Same Collaborators, New Living Quarters: The Pittsburgh-based artist Agnes Bolt, who earlier this year spent a week camped inside a bubble inside Philippa Hughes' living room, returns this weekend with a new exhibit—this one at the Project 4 Gallery on U Street NW—that features more personal information from the Pink Line Project leader. Over at [...]

At CMJ, No Fast Track to Fame, but Plenty of IRLing

Salome, one of the few metal bands that performed at this year's CMJ.
For D.C. bands, the takeaway from CMJ seems to have been this: It will not pluck you from obscurity, but it can't hurt. Also: Don't believe the hype.
"The myth that you can land the perfect agent or manager at a place like that—I don’t think [...]

(Bonus) Clip Job: Five Acts I Loved at CMJ

Duchess Says, from Montreal, performs at Arlene's Grocery in New York City on Wednesday.
Kria Brekkan at Cameo Gallery: A cynic might say Kría Brekkan's hour-long set at the Paw Tracks label showcase confirmed numerous clichés about Iceland's parochial peculiarity. To wit: Pretend Lars von Trier's costume team had reimagined Sabrina the Teenage Witch and you're still [...]

CMJ Notebook: Casper Bangs, Shots of District Acts, Kiwi Rock

Tabi Bonney performs at Fat Baby last night in New York City.
The thing about CMJ is, not all of it's CMJ. There are the unoffocial day parties—free, sometimes invite-only events sponsored by record labels, PR firms, and media. There are the more exclusive parties at night. And there are the shows that, although not nominally [...]

For District Artists, Mixed and Measured Expectations for CMJ

Middle Distance Runner performs at the CMJ Music Marathon in 2008.
Every CMJ has its success story—the unknown act who, thanks to buzz and grit and talent and luck , tickles the right trigger of the wayfaring label rep or taste-maker who, for whatever reason, has decided to see it. But most of the thousand-plus little-known [...]